Pokémon-A-Go-Go at The Go Show

Pokémon-A-Go-Go – one of a series of Second Front’s Pokémon themed videos – is screening this month at the Fiction Science Gallery in San Francisco as part of their tribute gallery exhibit – The GO Show.

About  Pokémon-A-Go-Go

Years of torment and domination have led to an uprising. While humans have been busy playing — Pokémon have been busy training! Awake! It is a new dawn for Pokémon! Downtrodden and abused creatures of the World — UNITE!


Pikachu – Liz Solo, Purrloin – Bibbe Hansen, Mew – Patrick Lichty, Umbreon – Yunji Kim Yohanning, Jiggly Puff – Phreek Fargis
With: Yael Gilks, Zesstar Zaymed, Hybrid Fusion, Ruri Rio Mihashi and SaveMe Oh.
Special appearances by: Razzbowski and PewDiePie/Beast Master 64

Concept by Bibbe Hansen, Patrick Lichty, Liz Solo, Yunji Kim Johanning; Machinima shot and edited by Liz Solo.