Iron Lung Grand Prix

Iron Lung Grand Prix Second Front special performance for the Second Life Amsterdam Sim – a comment on the smoking ban in Amsterdam cafes and public spaces. Curated by Ze Moo. Second Front, June 30, 2008

In June of 2008, Second Front were invited by a digital artist Ze Moo to create a performance based on recent events in the Netherlands, where a smoking ban was placed on public areas and cafes in Amsterdam. It was Fau Ferdinand and Man Michinaga, late one night in the SF Laboratory, who eventually came up with the brilliant plan! A race through Amsterdam, everyone driving their own specially modified, personally customized, fully loaded, Iron Lung Machine!

The Second Front members raced each other around a simulated street model of Amsterdam in cars built out of Iron Lung machines, in an ‘Iron Lung Grand Prix.’. During the race, the members of the group made multiple stops in order to have a cigarette break. A winner of the race was never officially declared, however, all agreed that they had ‘smoked’ Amsterdam.